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The Purest Sound

I love hearing my one year old son laugh. He's not an easy audience -- it takes some 'work' to convince him I'm funny. But when his big cousin Jerico is around, Rowan is ready to laugh at the drop of a hat.

I love the sound of a little toddler's laughter because it's entirely unfiltered. When he grows up, he'll laugh sometimes to fit in. He'll laugh sometimes even when he doesn't get the joke, so that he doesn't look foolish. Or maybe he'll laugh because he feels foolish and needs a way to survive the moment.

Adults laugh for all sorts of reasons. But toddlers don't. When a little kid laughs, it's always because something is truly funny. No politics, just pure delight. A funny face, a creature he's never seen before, an unexpected game of tag around the kitchen, or even just a ball. There's nothing like it.